Paul Klee Inspired Work

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Paul Klee was a painter that was born in 18 December 1879 Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland. Paul Klee style was influenced by many different art trends, including expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. Klee was a natural draftsman who experimented with and eventually mastered color theory, and wrote extensively about it. Paul Klee and his friend, the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky taught at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture. In 1935 Klee developed scleroderma, a rare debilitating disease. Paul Klee died in 1940.

The first picture is Paul Klee’s art work and the second picture is my artwork. I think that my artwork is similar to Paul Klee’s because Paul Klee used different colors to make his grid and used shapes to make pictures, while I used different colors to make the grid and different colors and shapes to make the pictures.

In my artwork I have a total of 8 pictures and each of those pictures represent me.

Here is the meaning of each picture:

1. A pencil and drawing on paper – Some of my friends say that I am a great drawer and I also love to draw and sometimes when I draw I don’t really care how my drawings look and it may turn out to be a stick man

2. Music Note – I love listening to music and I also play the piano and flute. I drew this picture to show that I am a very musical person.

3. Chocolate Kisses – I love chocolate so much and whatever chocolate I find in the refrigerator I will eat it (except for coffee chocolate I hate those).

4. Hamburger – I love to eat. I usually eat a little bit at lunch because I think that the food at my house taste better and by eating a little bit at lunch I will be very hungry at dinner and eat almost everything that is served.

5. Fish – I am very curious about things that seem “fishy” to me and I will always try to figure things out.

6. Apple – I love all the apple products and I raising money for a Macbook pro but it’s very expensive!

7. Soccer ball – I love to play sports and I always try my best and watch soccer whenever I can.

8. Dog – I love animals a lot and dogs are my favorite pets. I might be allergic to them but I still choose dogs as my favorite pet.

In my artwork I used 4 color schemes. I used a complementary color scheme using the colors purple, yellow, red and green. Yellow and purple are opposite colors on the color wheal and so is red and green. I used primary colors which are yellow, red and blue. I used an analogous color scheme using the colors purple, red, orange and yellow because on the color wheal those colors are right next to each other starting from the color purple ending up at yellow. I also used the secondary colors which are green, orange and purple.

I think that I was quite slow compared to the students in my class because I spent too much time on one box and on our last period I had to rush a lot to get it done. I made some accidents for example as you can see on the orange I accidentally put some purple on there and I think that it made my artwork look bad. I saw other people’s work that have not spent so much time on box and have better accuracy and a prettier artwork than mine. I think that if I don’t waste my time I won’t have to rush in the end.

I think that my drawings were pretty good although, they would be more appealing if I have better accuracy and time management. I also think I did a fairly good job on covering the pencil lines but I think I can still work on that in the future.

I think I wasn’t that creative because I didn’t have so many columns and rows and I didn’t have overlapping pictures like other members in my class.


Entry filed under: Grade 6.

Cubic Abstract Stage Set

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  • 1. ARTIST SUZANNE  |  October 29, 2009 at 4:09 am

    I LIKE the bright colors and rythm of your work.

  • 2. Kelly Marie  |  March 30, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    These are so cool… i really like them!…


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